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Oriental Pearl Spa provides comprehensive wellness indulgences to immerse you in tranquility and liberate your body, mind, and soul from life’s pressures. Immerse yourself in an Arabic massage, invigorating facial, and more.



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Explore our array of luxurious treatments and select the pampering experience that suits your desires today.

Couple’s Massage

Experience unparalleled tranquility with your partner as you embark on a dedicated session designed exclusively for both of you.

Thai Massage

Alleviate tension across your entire body through the intricate movements and stretches of a classic Thai massage.

Swedish Massage

Ease your body into the soothing, gentle, and soft strokes of pure massage bliss with our top-tier Swedish massage expert.

Arabic Massage

Our skilled therapists focus on precise pressure points throughout the body to enhance blood circulation and alleviate tension build-up in specific areas.

Hot Stone Massage

Experience the warming and deeply satisfying sensation of heated stones strategically placed on specific points of your body, providing relief to muscles and soft tissues.

Moroccan Bath

Revel in a sense of utmost refreshment and purity, transcending from the outermost layers of your skin to the depths of your soul, courtesy of

Jacuzzi Bath

Immerse yourself in our impeccably hygienic and sensually warm jacuzzis, providing a serene and snug experience.

Aromatherapy Massage

Experience the perfect fusion of relaxation with a Swedish massage infused with the richness and nourishment of essential oils, giving you the best of both

Deep Tissue Massage

Employing deliberate, unhurried strokes, our experts focus on the deep layers of your muscles and connective tissues, providing unparalleled relief from tension.


Moroccan Bath

Indulge in our Moroccan Bath Treatment, the embodiment of cleanliness, relaxation, and pure bubble bliss.


An Assembly of Certified Massage Professionals

Our therapists possess magical touch with each treatment, ensuring you emerge as a rejuvenated and revitalized version of yourself.


Items that Moisturize and Tenderize

We exclusively employ premium products, scrubs, and oils to guarantee your body receives an exceptional infusion of hydration and moisture.


Initiate Self-Care for Yourself

In the hustle of life, work, and home, we often overlook the need for a break for our bodies. Let our therapists provide your body with the essential pause and treatments to make you look and feel incredible.


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2 hours of full body relaxation massage any time and any day

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